the woods: my backyard (a love story)

I have a new passion….

It all started when I was debating whether to renew my gym membership and what to do about exercise.

Then one day I went outside to clean up the yard a bit….and the bug hit me!! We are fortunate to have a big backyard with a large portion of woods.

And the more I got out there, day after day…the more passionate I got about it, making paths, cutting all the little trees that sprout up, pulling weeds…painting signs for the trees:

It’s so fun to burn all the yard debris! Really surprisingly fun! I must get that from you, Dad 🙂

That spider up there was amazing!! I’m blown AWAY out there with God and His creative genius.

The blue bird is cheesy- I do see that. It’s one of those Christmas ornaments that you can clip to the tree….and then there’s the Dr Seuss tree:

It happened quite by accident one day when we were outside spray painting 🙂

I’m channeling Robert Frost out here!

Just really thankful that I have a daily exercise routine! The paths through the woods are hilly, the weeds are tough, and the wheelbarrow gets heavy. The fresh air is amazing.

Oh! I had a friend over one day with her kids and guess what?!? They loved it as much as I did … my kids tolerate my new love and pat me on my back, but they did enjoy the woods back in the day…I smile when I find relics of their childhood in among the leaves; tennis balls, baseballs, a pool noodle, a flip flop, and little plastic containers of rocks. I leave some of them there, just to remember 🙂

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  1. Priscilla says:

    I love this post! You make me happy when I read your sweet nostalgic posts. It reminds me of when we lived in Estes Park & we spent so much time outside hiking around our property and in the Rocky Mountain National Park trails!


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