🍂sweet thanksgiving 🍂

We decided to go see Dave’s brother and family in Illinois for thanksgiving and I’m so glad we did! It was so nice to see them and where they live!

The drive took about 14 hours and was a very special time with just the 5 of us. Of course I can say that because I didn’t even have to drive! My 3 men did all the driving (2 have licenses and one a permit 😜). Anyway, you know how it is when you have teenagers with work schedules, it’s hard to get everyone home for dinner, so to have 4 whole days with my family- and 2 of them traveling and stopping for meals, it was very sweet and special.

Above pics at a Starbucks stop. Starbucks!! Good job on the color and pattern!

Another cute color shot with my cute man 🙂

The food was amazing and my sis in law Trish is super woman!!! She does it all (while looking good! 😂) and my nieces are precious too (and nephews!)

Uggg! I have so much to share and not enough patience to do it all now…stay tuned for tomorrow and the chocolate turkey trot! :))))

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