Mothering Articles* I’ve Collected vol. 1 (and some cute stuff)

Teaching your kids to help around the house


When you feel like you’re failing as a parent

Raising a different kind of daughter

Rethinking the Proverbs 31 standard

We are in a really fun stage of parenting…every stage is fun, well I wasn’t the hugest fan of the toddler/potty training stage! Toddlers are precious! I know! I just wasn’t at my best during that stage, but while we were in the midst of it we thought it was wonderful…anyway! Like I was saying…all of a sudden our kids are intelligent human beings who are funny and enjoyable to be around. It can seem like parenting just goes on forever and there’s no light to see…but God is encouraging us and using us despite ourselves. So thankful for HIS hand in our lives and His enabling our kids to grow and mature despite our many mistakes.

Ok! So many deep articles and thoughts…here are a few cute things for a Friday 🌈❤️

*I probably don’t agree 100% with everything in these articles but they inspired me and made me think.

Skye likes to make pancakes and she always adds color to the last bit of batter to make a mini colorful pancake.

That wreath is so cute! Tiny little honeycomb balls!

This dog! She’s so cute and sweet. I found this picture on my phone and I have my guesses as to who took the picture, and who put the dog on the table, and who was making slime with floam beads, and who dropped the floam beads on the floor for Sadie to get stuck to her nose.

Excited for tonite! The women from church are coming over for our annual Christmas party. So I’ll make sure to light up the white tree (yay!) and the pink tree (💖💖) and we should all have a great time. Happy Friday everyone!

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