puppies :: rainbows :: ornaments

I came around the corner and what did I see?!??

This little cute thing under the tree❤️💚

Not as cute as Sadie, but a new ornament in the tree, a pink poodle to go with….

This little guy…so now I have a collection!

Aack!!! I’m dying over my new rainbow! 🌈❤️

An oldie but goodie…stack o’ pancakes

The strawberries have been my favorite for a few years…

This little tree in a ball is what I got this year at the ladies’ ornament exchange party….speaking of the party! We were packed in here like sardines…

It was a lot of fun

The twigs above the door are new this year, the little pink bird loves her spot 💖

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  1. Monica Bryan says:

    Thanks for hosting the party! Is your pineapple still on the tree?


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