tiny moments

You go through so many different mothering stages. We are in the stage now where Wes can drive himself wherever he needs to go. Wil is so close to that stage (February!) and also has taken on a lot of responsibility with school, work, church, music…then add in various orthodontist appointments, etc. and what you have is this tiny pocket of a few months where I get to drive him a bunch of places.

I don’t mind (it will be gone forever soon😢) and it’s just nice to be together.

He had an appointment on Wednesday an hour away in Wilson. He needed to be back for a music practice and we were running late. We ran through the drive through at Burger King and got whopper jr.s and peppermint Oreo shakes.

It was a sweet moment. Wil is my food buddy! We are the only ones who like whopper juniors with onions, we like olives and sour cream and just a bunch of stuff the others don’t.

I don’t get to take as many pictures of the boys (they don’t love getting their picture taken 😆) but here’s one when he got his permit.

I have good memories of us in the car, either with me driving and he’s got a pile of books and doing homework or finding good music for us to listen to, or he’s driving and I’m trying to be calm and not scream, “they have their break lights on! Slow down!”


Thankful for you, Wil! (And you are a good driver😜)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. MOM says:

    Love from G & G


  2. Priscilla says:

    This is such a sweet blog. You are so right – it will be gone so quickly!


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