party, party, party (and cute stuff)

We had Dave’s company party on Friday night. The same night as the teen party for our kids. So we went off to separate parties. Here’s this years’ before party photo.

This is a blast from the past, 2015

This is 2016….and we missed 2017. I guess my unofficial rules for a holiday party are: wear black, wear a scarf, wear your hair up, stand by the kitchen windows for a photo op😆

We had Skye’s class party here yesterday, our church class party was Sunday night. I HAVE EATEN TOO MANY TREATS!!!!! Uuuugggg…..time for the whole 30 or 17 day diet or something!!!! Ok, change the subject quick!! Here’s what I’ve seen around the internet for cute Christmas stuff starting with nativity scenes:

kallpa on Etsy

Plum and Nancy on Etsy

Just smashing darling on Etsy

I think this could be one of my favorite pictures of all time!!! The trees! The stockings! The felt initials! The felted ball garland!! It’s so good…

Studio DIY <<<<<soooo cute!!!

Alisa Burke is seriously amazing …this is a paper bag that she painted!!! LOVE!!!

Alisa Burke paper bag tutorial

Happy December 18!!!! It’s been a magical month here. Too many treats, too many parties, more to come…our church had it’s Christmas concert on Sunday- it was amazing!!! Every word said and sung pointed to JESUS, and the gospel. It went right along with my names of God study we are doing.

So this is turning into a never ending post!! But just one more picture of my cute little nativity scene:

I found this one at target ❤️❤️❤️

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