❤️waffle bar ❤️

It was Dave’s idea to have waffles for Christmas Eve

It was fun and different and possibly a new tradition!

My favorites were the gingerbread waffles!! I found the recipe here

Favorite combos:

Gingerbread + whip cream + a sprinkle of cinnamon + mini chocolate chips

Plain waffles + lots of berries (straw/blue/black/rasp) + whip cream

Dave’s favorite: plain waffle + butter + maple syrup. He’s a classic!


I hope your Christmas has been nice. We have thoroughly enjoyed our early Christmas with Dave’s family and our Holly Raleigh Christmas here with our immediate family and friends. And we still get to celebrate more when my side comes in January!

Today was perfect. I stayed in PJs the whole day…we watched Christmas movies and also the movie A Quiet Place, which we were on the edge of our seats for!! Dave made monkey bread for brunch and we had ham for supper. We also played the game Things, which was very funny. So thankful for this time together.

I *LOVE* this time of year. I love thinking about Jesus who came to earth, I always think…what would I have done if I were on earth at that same time? Would I have believed and worshipped Him?

I love doing all the extra special things for friends and family. I love seeing our kids working hard to buy special presents for us and each other, and seeing their joy of giving….they aren’t perfect, and they may fight with each other, but they are good gift givers. I’ll have to take pictures of what they got for Dave and I. Sweet!!! 💖❤️💖

Love these words:

Wrap This One Up by Christy Nockels

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