eat:watch:shop: play:wear

Eating :: more avocado toast…plus tomatoes and onion

Shopping :: target, always target

Watching :: Mary Poppins returns…so cute and creative!

Playing :: the game of things…so fun!!

Wearing :: stripes! ❤️ (daddy/daughter date nite)

Watching #2 :: this is from Christmas Day..a Christmas Story


Speaking of eating…notice eating was the first entry?! I have a plan!!! In talking it over with Dave, he kindly brought to my attention that I get bored of any new eating plan / diet I start…so I’ve thought of the perfect solution! I will plan ahead and decide what I’m eating for the week. (Or day …hour? 😝😜) and Dave and Skye will keep me accountable. Hopefully this we’ll keep me on track and help with self control. I’ll let u know how it goes!

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