7 days of Christmas (blast from the past)

5 years ago when Mom and Dad came for a visit at Christmastime 2013 we had 7 different special events (mostly meals ☺️) to celebrate the different holidays that we don’t usually get to celebrate with them. I was looking through my old blog and enjoyed the revisit as I anticipate their visit this week!

First off was a valentine breakfast…the pink tree was there! There she is! Perfect for valentines ❤️💖

Easter dinner! Mom, did you ever wear those little chick pajamas?!

Summer vaca / 4th of July

Birthdays! Mom’s favorite: German chocolate cake…I didn’t even attempt Dad’s favorite…chocolate cake with boiled icing

Halloween breakfast with leftover Easter eggs ☺️

Thanksgiving dinner!

Christmas 2013❤️🌿

Thank you for taking this walk down memory lane…since we are here, one more:

Dave and I! 19 years ago. Wish I would have kept the basket weave Mary and Joseph.

Looking forward to seeing Dad, Mom, and Andy! We don’t have the 7 days of Christmas planned, but hopefully will have fun…I’ll keep ya posted.

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  1. Priscilla Robinson says:

    I can’t wait to hear what your Christmas/New Year visit will bring this year!


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