Just a few more…

Looking through my 1000s of pictures stored on my phone, there’s a few favorites I needed to share before moving on into 2019 content.

My favorite people! Dave (of course!), the time wes and I went for coffee in raleigh, the time Wil took me to Jersey mikes for my birthday, and time with my 2 girls 😂

Fun foods of 2018…the giant peanut butter cup was for Wes’ birthday. He loves peanut butter cups. It was so easy! Recipe here

I didn’t do anything formal with my art last year at all, but so thankful I got to do different projects for church and school and friends creatively!! It’s a variety of projects and not a chance to get bored. All of these projects I’ve mentioned here, except maybe that I get to help decorate on occasion for baby or bridal showers and I adore those opportunities.



And now….drumroll….for the mundane and everyday. Pictures that would not be included in a year end review but they are the moments that make up the days, weeks, months.


As we go forth into this new year….(I can’t help being a little dramatic, I’m reading CS Lewis ☺️) let us always remember there will be rain….but along with it, puddles to play in, and fun umbrellas🌈


For all that is good and right I hope that this is the last post with pictures from 2018!

(But you never know 😜)

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