little (lidl) random stuff

I’ve been wanting to try Lidl forever and I finally did today! It’s up by Trader Joe’s (which I was going to because Andy’s coming!). I really liked Lidl a lot from what I saw. The best part was the bakery section…I’m always on the hunt for good tasting multi grain bread, they had a bunch. Plus you can cut the bread there with a nifty machine.

This was called a protein roll, it was amazing!! Lots of grains and seeds, but still light and fluffy.

So I didn’t get everything at Lidl, maybe about $30 worth, but I’ll definitely go back and take my shopping associate (the professional shopper) she was at home:

We kept in touch via FaceTime…then Dad got on FaceTime to ask about a toilet plunger and I had to talk very loudly into the phone (at Trader Joe’s) about the toilet issues…


This article is so cute and fun….

Here’s the link …I’m always interested in doing little challenges like not spending money for a week or month…eating only certain things for awhile…makes life interesting. Reminds me of the book Seven.

This recipe from the pioneer woman looks good. Fast and fruity ice cream

I saw this at michaels today, I thought it was cute to add flowers to a wooden plaque or canvas. Makes me want to start painting again.

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