what’s red, green, and plaid all over?

A Canadian girl who refuses to grow up

What’s yellow, layered, with deer socks on?

A Canadian girl who grew up on J.Crew catalogues and hours at a thrift store

What’s shiny and red and looks like a kindergarten accessory?

Clogs on my wishlist

What’s Converse and Sperry and tied up with bows?

Our footwear for a nature walk on a gorgeous winter day

What’s Pom Pom hat….

ok, enough silly questions!!!!

The weather has been chilly but sunny and gorgeous! Perfect layering weather. I LOVE to layer. I struggle in the summer when it’s so hot! What’s this Canadian girl to wear then??

One Comment Add yours

  1. MOM says:

    Ooooh! Love the red clogs! Not sure my feet would love them.😲


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