happy Monday 🌈

I’ve been painting again and it feels wonderful!

Don’t think I’ve told you I wallpapered the bottom 2 shelves here. It’s much more cozy! I was inspired by Lauren and her shelves….

Aren’t they cute???

I love her floral shelf paper! The pioneer woman dishes…I love it all! (Good job, Lauren 🌺❤️)

Latest installment of the letter board.

Until it got hacked …

😜 at least it’s educational…see what you can spell with the available letters 😂

Have a great week everyone! Its a BIG birthday week here for us…someone is turning 50!!!

One Comment Add yours

  1. MOM says:

    Oh dear! We left too soon. Is that what the cake recipe is about?
    I’m wondering who fixed up the letter board.😲


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