Dave’s Birthday 🍰

Lets start with the healthy stuff !! 😜 This is the rainbow grains salad and tomato soup (yum!) from a surprising location ….

We found a new fun place to eat! Dave really likes Mac n’ cheese, so when we saw this place online, we thought it would be fun to try for his birthday.

As usual, I start off healthy, but really in the face of amazing Mac n cheese …what’s a girl to do but sample everyone else’s lunch 😜

It was delicious! Dave got the all American which included hotdogs, Wil got the Mediterranean, Wes got pizza Mac, and skye enjoyed the Mac with bacon. But it was just a really good homemade Mac n cheese

I think Dave enjoyed his birthday. The kids spoiled him…they are good gift givers…wes gave him a gift card to Panda Express, and this card he made:

How cute is that? Looks like mt dew, right?? With a 50 instead of the tm …these creative kids.

Wil got him an Arby’s gift card and a fuzzy bathrobe. Sweet ☺️

Skye made a whole book…hand drawn pics of the two of them and Dave as a dad…it was precious. She also turned it into a video, which impressed Dave to no end.

I made the carrot cake he loves. Which, honestly is just an amazing recipe…Here’s the link worth the work if you love carrot cake.

All in all a very good weekend of celebrating our dear husband and father ❤️❤️❤️

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