Better late than never –some cute valentines ideas here on my v-day pin board

We were going to make pink macarons for today but didn’t get to it!! 😨 maybe next week….

Here’s part of a thank you that we wrote on our wedding program almost 20 years ago! I love this! Dave and I can’t remember which of us wrote it but it’s true and I love it ❤️🧡

This is the wall I painted in our room. I cringe just a little when I see it…about 10% of me cringes because there was no plan and it’s crazy, but 90% of me loves it because it’s colorful and happy and I can’t grow regular plants…so here are my plants. 😂

We had a very sweet Valentine’s Day. Dave came home for lunch, so that was nice, just to be together. We watched a movie together tonight, and we get to go out for our fancy dinner on Monday night (I never get the reservations done in time!!!)


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