Sullivan’s Date Nite 💕

We went to Sullivan’s the Monday after valentines. It’s a fancy steakhouse in Raleigh.

(That’s not a curl on top of my head! 😂)

We are getting old so of course we were the first ones there for the evening!

Haha…who am I kidding, we’ve always opted to eat early.

It was very cozy

And very yummy! Dave ordered philly cheese steak egg rolls for an appetizer

I got the French onion soup

I wanted to be really adventurous and get something other than steak…plus I heard the meat/cheese/olive plate was very photogenic (not so photogenic in the cozy lighting situation) (tons of leftovers)

Dessert was amazing…Dave says his bananas foster bread pudding was the best dessert ever- til I gave him a look and he revised his statement to be; the best after my carrot cake 😆

Mine was a chocolate on chocolate with chocolate poured over extravaganza which made for amazing breakfast leftovers.

We so enjoyed Sullivan’s for our late valentines evening out.

Speaking of overeating food…..😜…..I started yet another diet (it’s a hobby)…called Noom….have you heard of it? It’s an app where you can log what you eat, it motivates you, keeps track of weight loss etc. I’m enjoying it so far! (Day 2, which is about halfway through a diet for me….)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Priscilla says:

    You and Dave are such a cute couple! I love your comment of Day 2 of your diet being 1/2 through your diet! You are so honest (and hilarious)!


    1. saramincy says:

      Yep that diet lasted a week!! 😂


  2. MOM says:

    Philly cheese steak egg rolls??? What???


    1. saramincy says:

      They can put anything into a egg roll nowadays!! We’ve had Cuban sandwich egg rolls too 😂


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