Updates, birthdays, food, etc….

Where to start?! I just went back in time to find pictures I haven’t yet posted…this is the day after valentines….Skye’s teacher asked the kids to bring a verse along with candy to pass out with valentines and I *adore* the verses on love she came home with. Precious.

I thought this was funny 😝the kids can’t wait til I go away with the women from church for our retreat and that’s why!!!

Someone turned 13!!!

We had a fun day out shopping with her school friends.

She’s spoiled 🙂

Her brothers knew just what she wanted

Amazon made it pretty easy this year (she had a list on there for us😜)

Oh goodness, yes there was more food…we went to this sweet little smoothie place and we ordered our smoothies but they also brought ice cream for the birthday girl.

The boba beads were surprisingly good in a smoothie…they freeze for a little crunch

This was funny too…!

Oh! Speaking of….skye and I have been going to the gym!!! I’ve been waiting for this day- when you’re 13 you can attend the classes at my gym….it’s sooooo much better when you can go with your daughter❤️

We had the Coffey evangelistic team at our church for a week and it was amazing!!! Great messages and music. I just really love them as people. Tuesday night was ladies night; the chocolate cafe! I got to help decorate for that which was very fun

We had lots of fun desserts, coffee, ice coffee, with lots of great toppings. Stephanie Coffey spoke and it was just a really fun night.

This guy has been doing a wonderful job staying disciplined and steady with running and eating healthy. So proud of my 50 year old!!😆

Don’t think I showed the teen room at church yet! Lauren and I got to paint these triangles –this room was all completely beige…Pastor Chad and Lauren painted each wall an amazing color ….plus….



A chalkboard wall!!! (Love) It’s such a fun room for the teens. I’m soooooo thankful my kids love to go to church. Its their church. It’s their second family. So thankful for both Pastor and Pastor Chad and their influence (and Nan and Lauren too…we are very blessed)

That was a very long, picture heavy post!! I keep meaning to update ….anyway….so many fun and BIG things going on!! College decisions and ACT tests and school changes and plans!!! So thankful for PRAYER and God’s leading….more on all that as it plays out 💕💕💕

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  1. MOM says:

    Loved it all!❤️


  2. Priscilla F Robinson says:

    I love feeling like we can be a part of your lives. Thank you so much for sharing. I need to do the same thing!


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