Painting in the spring means using up the green paint


Green icing! Dave thinks it should be flavored mint, I think lime….but they were vanilla…


Green table linens 💚

Trader Joe’s greenery makes me happy

I’ve been looking for highlighters for years that aren’t just the regular neon. Skye found these on amazon. We got a whole rainbow of mild colors. You can see the whole pack here ….they are wonderful!! Even gray! A pale gray highlighter!!

The green leaves are coming back and the flowers blooming here in NC. I love spring. Thank you, God, for the changing seasons. It shows how we can have hope in you! After the rain comes the flowers, after the cold comes the warmth. You never change and the seasons follow the same pattern. I’m overwhelmed with Your creativity and kindness to give us beautiful things. 🌿💚🌿

I see growth and maturity in our kids too and I’m so thankful. 10 years ago I was worried about things like a messy room and table manners, now it’s driving cars and college applications. So thankful for growth and change in us too. (((I know I say this allllll the time but the teenage years have turned out to be my favorite! These almost adults are funny and fun. It’s going to be so bitter sweet when Wes leaves for college in the fall!!))))

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Priscilla Robinson says:

    Special times for sure! I love spring, too!


  2. MOM says:

    I love seeing what is going on with y’ all! We are hoping for spring here.☔️🌞🌷


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