eggs, cake, veggies, boba (not in that order)

We got a spiralizer!!

It’s so fun! But really sharp…I’m wearing a bandaid on my finger!

Wil, skye, and I are doing a 5 day detox (of course) what else would we do on spring break?! 🙂

Inspired by this book by Nikki Sharp. I found it at the library, made some photo copies and we are on our way!

Skye and Wil are cheating a lot, but also I’m getting a ton of fruits and veggies in them!! Trying to help Wil’s eczema.

It’s my knee jerk reaction to be being gone on a retreat with the women from church and coming home to pop tarts and ice cream. (Dave’s a good eater! He’s been so good since about last fall when he knew he was turning 50) but when momma’s away the cats play and eat horrible….

I wasn’t the best when we were gone either 😉 lots of trader joe snacks!!

Anyway, the 5 day detox is really yummy if you like smoothies, hummus, tons of veggies, berries, and seeds.

As always, we keep things very balanced around here with cake 🙂

I found this fresh strawberry buttercream recipe Here ….and it’s reallllly good. But you’ll have to wait until after Easter dinner to see the inside of the cake …☺️

Dave and I got to go on a lunch date today, which was nice because we haven’t seen much of each other! With the ladies’ retreat and then he was away for work, we needed some quality time.

We got boba smoothies at Sir Walter Coffee (get it? Sir Walter Raleigh…)

It was a very cute place.

And the weather was gorgeous!

Oh! And eggs…

We colored some…cool colors…

And warm

Can you tell they’re fake eggs? 🙂

We can pull them out again next year!

I can’t wait for our Easter service at church tomorrow…”curtain torn in two…dead are raised to life…Finished! The victory cry!!! This the power of the cross, Christ became sin for us…took the blame, bore the wrath, we stand forgiven at the cross!!!”

(The Power of the Cross by Keith Getty…I butchered the words I’m sure, but wow!!)

I hope you have a happy Easter!! 💕🐥

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  1. MOM says:

    I’m not at all sure about the green stuff, but I’d sure like a piece of that cake! 😊🍰💕


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