Easter and Inside of Cake

I’m so happy with the pictures we took after church on Easter Sunday!! These people are the BEST💙💙💙

The services on Sunday were amazing…I felt like each song and each scripture read were so worshipful and focused on our Dear Lord. I was so thankful to see our friends and family in the Lord singing and praising God. It’s such a special thing to be a part of a church body for so long, you get to really know the hearts of your brothers and sisters in Christ…it makes it all that much sweeter to see the musicians up there singing to the Lord, to hear your Pastor’s heart, when you know that they believe and practice what they preach and sing about.

And even closer to home, worshipping together with your kids as they grow closer to the Lord, it’s priceless.

Here’s the cake inside!! The buttercream was good, that recipe is a keeper.

Strawberry and lemon ❤️💕

Happy belated Easter from the Mincy kids 🙂

And from us spring animals 🙂

Now for a few outtakes….

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