around the house 🏡🌿

Rugs are jewelry for floors…more is definitely more around here 😂

Cozy is defined by making popcorn in the evening in your house with lots of lamp light and people eating the popcorn 😆

Then to take cozy and perfection to the next level: make raspberry flavored Julius — growing up we used to have popcorn and orange Julius on Sunday nights. It’s such a great memory!!

We’ve been sewing!!! So fun! (Seww fun🙄)

We made Scrunchies today….cute on the arm,

Cute in the hair

Again…on the arm☺️

But here’s the cutest….

Ready for it???

Cute on the dog!!! ❤️❤️❤️

We made this pillow too….

And this fuzzy pillow for Sadie!!! She’s the funnest to sew for! :)))

So for now the sewing machine has taken up residence in the kitchen and as you can see the dishes had not gotten done…we were too busy sewing for Sadie 💕🏡💚

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  1. MOM says:

    I’ve been sewing too, sewing machine on the table! I see you have room for another one on the other side of the table. How about I bring mine?💕


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