my baby is all grown up!!

It’s hard to sum up the whole graduation experience. ((But I’ll try 🤣🤣! :))) I thought I’d be more emotional but it was just really exciting and fun. I’m excited for Wes and he’s looking forward to going away to college. From what I hear the emotions will come more when we drop him off and leave him and come home without him!

It’s surreal to have a graduate!!


The graduation festivities started a few weeks ago with the teen formal at church:

Getting ready…:)

Accessories coordinated…

Photo shoots with the parents

Three great kids 💙💙💙

His last teen formal 😅

This guy likes to dress up!

Skye’s first formal!

Love these 3!!! Been together since kindergarten.

Ok, so that was the first event…on to the second event:

We threw a graduation party at church for Wes and Josh.

It was so fun! Lots of good friends and fun to see the pictures flash across the screen of the boys’ memories over the years

Then there was the awards chapel ….

and a senior brunch…

And Granna and Poppop came into town for graduation

And then we decided to paint the cap last minute…

The ceremony itself was sweet…

They each got to give a rose to their mothers :)) ♥️🌹

So many sweet moments with our dear friends


On to the after party!!!

The day after graduation —guess what I did???? I sat on the couch ALL. DAY. LONG!! It was nice to have a day to just process it all, edit pictures, and relax :))))) so thankful for Wes! So thankful for what God has done in his life. Excited to see what’s in store! He’s off to Bob Jones in the fall to study business.


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  1. MOM says:

    What a happy celebration! We are so glad we could get in on it via pictures. Thank you so much! We are praying for Wes and all of you as you enter this new phase of life. We love you all and thank God for His working in your lives. Dad & Mom 💕❌⭕️


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