🌲⚓️we love Seattle ⚓️🌲

We went on a family trip out west to the Seattle area and then over to Montana. I have a billion pictures to share, so I’ll try and divide them up so they make sense.

It was Wes’ senior trip, so we really hope he had a great time, but it was overall a wonderful family vacation.

Seattle is so pretty! It’s creative and photogenic, colorful, and nautical. I absolutely LOVED the weather! It was cool and breezy and very sunny the whole time we were there…which isn’t always typical – of course we always hear about the Seattle rain. But all that rain makes for gorgeous flowers and greenery everywhere.

On our last day in Seattle (I’m going through my pictures backwards!) we enjoyed Lincoln Park, with a beautiful path down to the beach.

The big wheel!


We went to Pike’s Place two times. It’s that fun. The food, the excitement, the underground shopping….and of course:

The fish throwing 🙂

Fun! And see: Seattle can be sunny!!

I got in line to get a crumpet, but it was a really long wait so I just ate these instead:


There was a line there too but faster moving 🙂

Ok now back up to the first few days in Seattle when we were there with my brother. Here’s Andy enjoying the virtual reality bungee jump from the space needle. Haha!! It was so funny to watch him jump…

Here’s the space needle in all her glory! I was a little nervous to go up…

But it was amazing!!! Glass floor and all

Check out this view! Dave took this picture- I couldn’t get as close to the window as he could…I was still backed against the wall where the floor was NOT the glass part 😁

Wil enjoyed the view

Wes leaning against the glass made me a little queasy :))

I’m fine as long as Dave’s there with me !!

Back on the ground – this guy was such a great statue!

We found a fun donut shop with amazing coffee:


Seattle, The Emerald City, we enjoyed you so much!

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  1. Auntie Cilla says:

    I love your pictures! It is a beautiful city!


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