my creative year

I just turned 44…it’s fine..all good…I still feel really young :))

Here are a few pictures from when I was 43 and what I was able to do creatively (it’s good to look back and remember these things…even in a busy year with graduation and all, creativity was happening!)

Starting off with last June: we picked strawberries and made jam! That’s a good feeling; to have your own jam at the ready in the freezer! 🍓

VBS last summer. It was a fun group effort creating the castle theme.

Painting a classroom at church!

A giant Reese’s peanut butter cup for Wes’ birthday. Whoa! That thing was rich and took us days to eat 😉

Ash’s wedding!

Remember back when I was passionate about working in the yard and creating paths in the woods? Yeah, that’s been awhile! Dave wishes that passion would come back…ha!! 🙂

Fall porch

Taking senior pictures in the back yard!

Kitchen holiday chalkboard

Waffle bar for Christmas Eve (new tradition)

Fun painting with Lauren in the teen room at church 🙂

We made macarons for the first time!

Painted our bedroom wall with special quote from our wedding

Chocolate cafe at church

Mikayla’s wedding!

Started painting again!

Easter cake

April was our sewing month 🙂 lots of scrunchies and pillows

Smoothies and smoothie bowls are our love language 🙂

Cactus pincushion

Wallpapering and painting the upstairs bathroom

Wes’ graduation party!!

And then graduation

Beach combing and enjoying God’s creative nature

Trying to make a succulent cake 🙂

My most recent…finding thrift store chairs to paint for our kitchen

So thankful for all these creative opportunities and projects. Here’s to my year as a 44 year old!! I predict a TON of creative pursuits. Skye and I are gearing up for our art classes…who knows what else the year will hold?!?

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  1. MOM says:

    I missed Dave and Wil, and you too!


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