I’ve had requests to post our pictures from the Montana portion of our trip (this is for you, Mom!)

It was so beautiful! We loved the clear, crisp air…the cold crisp water…the breeze…it was all gorgeous

We (they) did some fishing


Walking in the C O L D streams

More fishing (for them) have I mentioned, I’m not a fisher (boring) I will hike and look for rocks and enjoy the scenery but not fish.

We saw wildlife (no bears!)

Enjoyed the cousins!! ❤️

And the bon fire

The cabin was beautiful

This was how we got to the cabin…right through the creek!

All in all, a beautiful place in our amazing country. We had a great time! So thankful 🌿⛰❤️

One Comment Add yours

  1. MOM says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you!!! Was Sarah there? No pic of her.😲💕


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