👕summer wardrobe🧢

There are 5 components of my summer wardrobe that I almost always wear (remember my 4 component Winter clothing post?)

(1) If I can possibly wear a hat…I’ll wear a hat..I LOVE hats!

(2) Anything long and tunic-y…I blame this on my Canadian upbringing. This can be hard in hot NC, but! my saving grace is that wherever you go inside is super cold air conditioning

(3) T-SHIRTS!!!! after hats my second love language is t-shirts! Old Navy men’s t-shirts are the best!!!

(4) fun pattern – flowers, stripes, color

(5) flattering sleeves. My poor husband says he loves me in sleeveless….but alas, I do not love sleeveless for many reasons…so sometimes I wear it just for him, but looking through my pictures; no sleeveless!! Haha!

Hats + braids + t-shirt = love in the summer (and fall…and…really all year round :)))

Tunics and pants!

Skye said this was such a mom outfit I had to remember the moment 🙂 old navy for the comfy day!

This Old Navy California t-shirt is my favorite!!

Matches with everything 😉

This outfit is a win for me:

Fun pattern – check

Flattering sleeves- check

Mom jean cutoffs – check (skye calls them my mom shorts…everything I wear is mom; mom jeans, mom pants. Good thing I’m a mom!! Ha! 😆

This dress checks all the boxes too: comfortable, flattering sleeves, long and tunic-like. I found it at Cato.

So while this wardrobe wouldn’t work for everyone, judging from what I see looking around me (haha!!) it makes me happy to wear my many layers year round 🙂 would love to hear what your summer staples are…oh goodness I forgot my favored footwear:

These leather sandals from target are on my feet every single day. 🌿🖤

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