📍chihuly glass museum|Seattle📍

If you’ve ever been to Seattle you know there’s a lot of touristy things that are iconic and classic, but so crowded and overpriced that it may or may not be worth it. 2 things come instantly to mind; Pike’s Place Market (overly touristy and so crowded…but totally worth it) and the Space Needle (overly touristy/over priced, but again- so worth it!) I’m detecting a trend here; I think I like the crowded tourist destinations!!!

The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum wasn’t cheap and it was so crowded that it made it difficult to fully enjoy…but let me tell you: Dale Chihuly is a master artist- his glass blowing techniques and just his vision for these large scale installations – it’s outstanding!

I would say it’s worth a visit if you are interested in art and color. Dave could appreciate the talent and skill, but he said he could have bought me a ticket and waited in the gift shop and been totally content 🙂

There was a wall filled with these textiles showcasing Chihuly’s collection and telling how the native Americans inspired his art.

This was a room that you walked into- the light sculptures were about 12 feet tall


The art was in the ceiling!


The colors were amazing

My favorite room!!!

Outside in the garden looking up to the space needle

The glass hall

Oh don’t worry! You can buy your own Chihuly glass in the gift store for $6000!

The Christmas ornaments were cute…

But this is what I got: (besides all the pictures and beautiful memories 🙂 )

This eraser that I keep on the windowsill with my seaglass 🙂

All in all, a gorgeous museum. My recommendation for a whole family (if you are trying to keep travel costs down) is pay for the real artsy souls and the rest of you wait in the gift shop 😉

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  1. Kristi H says:

    Joe and I got to see Chihuly at Biltmore last year on our way to Couples” Conference at the Wilds. Seriously one of our best ever dates!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Kristi! That’s so fun!!! We’ve never been to the Biltmore….you got 2 birds with one stone 🤣


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