📌pinterest 📌

Pinterest has always been my favorite for

Y E A R S!!! It’s such a perfect place to keep track of so many ideas and interesting things!

I’ve been trying to organize my blog, so when you’re on my homepage and you scroll to the bottom, you should see the Pinterest icon down there along with instagram, Facebook, and twitter.

Pinterest is my happy place, and I’m such an unorganized person, but this helps me! To have all these CAKE pictures, recipes, and inspiration in the same place?! Perfection. Again, I’ll say I’m not the most organized, so sometimes I’ll laugh when I see a random art project photo or other non-cake related articles among the cake, but for the most part this tool has helped me immensely!

Here are a few more favorite boards:

My lettering and quotes board with its 240 pins is a fave

This Healthy recipes board is a help, wonder, and a puzzle, coming in at 168 recipes; a good portion looking like desserts?! 🤣


Sometimes I make special boards like this one for Christmas 2018 and keep recipes and gift ideas I used

My party board

Our art projects 2013

Home decor ideas

Here’s a snapshot of the most recent pins pinned from Pinterest (😁) as you can see it’s a collaborative effort of Skye and mine, our unique interests: me=food, hers=nail art 😍

Anyway, just a quick overview of my happy place…I (we) have 50+ boards overflowing with many ideas and inspiration that we actually sometimes use!! 🤣💕

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