👍🏼what’s going well 👏🏼😃

I can sometimes look at the glass half empty and despair. I think we all have our days of disappointment and discouragement. So it’s needful to look at what IS going right. What are my blessings and things I’m thankful for?

So that’s what this post is all about, remembering what has gone right, what is working, and things to be thankful for.

Photos from a recent trip with Skye to Full Bloom Coffee Roasters in Garner

1) my current devotion plan.

This is a combination of ideas that is working for me right now. Pick 3 verses. I’m going through Psalms 119 right now, I write down the 3 verses, then write down observations about the verses, then write down application to my life, then prayer…have you done this before? SOAP….it spells soap…





It helps so much to write it out! Then I also use my highlighters in the 3 verses…highlighting God, what God’s doing etc…this is a method that Krista is teaching us in our Bible study….and circling 100% words….

I love that I have a simple plan right now that is helping me dig into the Word and really think about it and apply it to my life

2) intermittent fasting!

I’m going to have to do a whole post on this, so for right now I’ll just say that intermittent fasting, and more specifically eating only between 10am and 6pm has been so great for me!!! I feel great, good energy, not hungry, and like there’s a bit of self control in my life that’s not been there before. It’s a game changer

3) balance of teaching art and making art

I had started this give and take/back and forth already and then Cassie Stephens wrote about it in her blog…how teaching art can inspire you to make art and making art can strengthen your teaching of art. These things go hand in hand! I’m beyond excited about the art classes we are teaching and the fall schedule coming up AND, I’ve put some artwork up for sale at the cutest local shop, Three Little Birds. More on that later too…I plan to go in there and take pictures to share.

So basically if you are just teaching art you can get burned out after awhile, and if you are just making art you can lose the creative vision after awhile, but the combo seems to be perfection!

Thankful for these 3 areas in my life that are going well. Would love to hear what’s going well in your life…or even a struggle that you are dealing with that I could pray about ❤️♥️🧡

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  1. MOM says:

    So inspiring, Sara! It is interesting how God has time and time again emphasized the importance of meditating on God’s Word, ie Dad’s preaching, Jodi Sandahl’s bullet journal (I first learned about that from Skye), Uncle Gerry’s Grace Journey blog. I will send you the link to his blog, incase you don’t have it.


    1. saramincy says:

      I would love to see his blog! And bullet journals are something I could get into👍🏼❤️


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