🌿the market at three little birds🌿clayton

This is the cutest little shop in downtown Clayton! Right on Main Street about one minute across the street from Dave’s office. So convenient for him to pop over and get his wifey a gift! 🤣

There are over 90 local artists who make and contribute their goods for sale.

When you first come in, it’s all gorgeous farmhouse decor

These candles are beautiful in the old wooden bowls!

And the soap!! Smells so good…

Oh look! Cards from Sara’s Art House!! Did I tell you I’m selling stuff at Three Little Birds!!

My books at the bottom of the shelf!

then you go upstairs and there are super cute little kid clothes and decor – also women’s clothes and jewelry …I got the cutest leather earrings today!

Aww there’s my dear deer

An art house strawberry amongst the cute stuff!

It’s like a scavenger hunt!! Skye and I both got a copy of the coloring book up there on the dresser- super cute! The artist, Lori Ring of Hope’s Palette is so good and I want all of her work, I’m pretty sure she also created the “mightier” piece up there on a tree trunk slab.

Cute stuff, right?

If you’re local, it’s a great place for gifts: they gift wrap in the cutest brown bags/black + white ribbons. Christi is the owner and super creative. I love the layout and overall look of the store. I’m going to be painting, painting more stuff …I’ll keep you updated!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. MOM says:

    Cute! I’m hoping we can stop by in January. Want to go there.😊


    1. saramincy says:

      Yes!! It’s so cute!!


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