🖤❤️family updates ❤️🧡

First of all …this cute face!!! We went to the vet the other day for a check up and she has a 50% chance of cancer 😦 which, don’t we all? But she has a lump that they think could be. We haven’t told her yet… 😝

On to some happier news :))) Skye and I and friends went to the beach yesterday for a fun little trip before school starts this coming Monday

It was a gorgeous day in Wrightsville, NC

Whenever we go to the beach we always say, “why don’t we do this more often?!?” then we get home and discover the sunburns…!!! Haha!!! No really, it was so beautiful and relaxing.

Had to snap this pic….an art teacher life 🙂 🌈We have great plans for this piece of insulation

Date nite!! Dave and I’ve never been to Bahama Breeze, but we had a gift card, so we tried it and it was fun! I loved my little coconut cake in a real coconut with that cute flower on top. Then we watched the new spider man movie which was adorable.

Other than that; Wes is about to turn 18 and go off to college, Wil and Skye start school on Monday, so there’s been some back to school shopping, and we have art classes on Thurs and Fri. Dave is doing fine, church is good (we love our church), and so far the dog is still alive. So all is well!❤️🧡🖤

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  1. MOM says:

    Aww! About Sadie.😢. Did you eat the WHOLE THING? Was it good? Looks a little overwhelming to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      I did eat all the cake and ice cream 😆😆😆but not the actual coconut!!


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