🌿🌱go green🍃🌿

Going green means a lot of different things to different people..one definition is to conserve energy, reduce pollution, and save money.

For me, I see a trend in my life to be wasteful and impatient in a lot of areas. It takes time to cook from scratch…it’s easier to buy prepackaged foods. It’s easier to throw out stuff and buy new instead of taking the time to fix things and reuse.

My mom has (had?) a pillow with a stitched saying, “use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without” …I love that…it’s all about being thankful for what you have, taking care of what you have, fixing and using what you have and then …maybe not going out directly to buy new.

So here are a few ways I’m trying to be green around here:

1) taking reusable bags to the store

I love these bags from Whole Foods! They’re washable…so I can throw them right into the washer….and they’re cute 🙂

2) eat naturally- cook and bake homemade

Bad picture for this category!! Haha…I didn’t homemake the crackers and cheese…But! I’m sure I could according to Pinterest 🙂

I soooo want to cook more from scratch…we do sit down together for a lot of meals, but it can be tempting to eat out or throw a frozen pizza in the oven too often.

My number one goal for next week is bake bread!

3) going to the farmers’ market and eating what is in season

The farmers’ market is like a field trip for us, it’s fun…so we need to go more and support the local farmers….my brother is a good example of this, going to markets and eating local.

4) shopping thrift store, yard sales, Facebook marketplace – for clothing, art supplies, home stuff

I love thrifting! It takes more time to find stuff …but so worth it.

6) reusable plastic wrap

We found this waxy cover at Trader Joe’s…nice to reuse over and over instead of plastic wrap (when I remember …) and I’m real bad with using lots and lots of ziplock bags!!!

7) Recycle

We have a recycling service along with our regular trash pickup / which is nice…our state doesn’t require it like they do in some states or Canada.

8) Make gifts (sew/paint)

9) be outside!!!

The most fun way to be green is be IN the green…makes us more aware of where things come from. So when I get the itch to shop and buy more things I don’t need, maybe I need to go for a hike!! 😆🌿

would love to hear how you work at being healthy, green, and not wasteful. 💚💚💚

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