🖤birthday/transfer food hall/necklace🖤

My oldest baby turns 18 tomorrow!!!

Can’t believe it!!! And he’s leaving me for college!!!

So we went to the Transfer Food Hall for lunch

These guys got the bulgogi cheese fries with the egg on top ….and matcha tea slush

Wil and Skye got MamaCrow burgers (YUM!!!! I ate half of Skye’s 😂😂:)))

She also got a boba slushy

AND!!! Yesterday I popped into Franchesca’s real fast and immediately saw a necklace that looked like it was made specifically for me!!! Eeeeek!!!! I’ve been looking for a natural colored wooden beaded necklace in a short size…love it!! And the earrings are the ones from Three Little Birds I told you about.

I have worn this one same necklace for YEARS ….as you can see above, the darker colored wooden bead necklace..and I’ll still wear it forever, but now I have another. I am truly spoiled!!!

Blast from the past…here’s another with the beloved necklace…why yes I did go through all the pictures on my phone back to 2014 to find pictures of the necklace!! Ha!! This is what you do on back to school eve when I should be doing dishes and making sure there is food for lunches and etc….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WES AND DAD!!! We love you soooo much! :)❤️❤️❤️❤️

Also that last pic was taken at Sweet Tomatoes in Raleigh…may she Rest In Peace :(( we loved eating there!!!

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  1. MOM says:

    That last hairdo is sooo cute!
    What do you think about my oldest baby is turning 50 next month, even though he says he is hovering around 40?

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