best day ever

Last Saturday was just a regular Saturday. Skye had volleyball practice, Dave and I had time for a quick date…there were errands run, a few of the kids went to the outlets to shop, Wes was coming home from camp.

Why was it my favorite day?

Because of that quote right there…first off, I have God in my life…a real relationship with Him where I take my concerns to Him and He speaks to me from His Word. He is real and alive and I can feel His presence and work in my life.

And because of Dave and the kids.

Just the regular stuff…spending quality time with Dave…Wes called me when he was getting ready to come home from camp, just to chat. Wil texted me from the outlets saying he couldn’t wait for me to see his new shoes. Skye called me before volleyball to make sure I’d be home in enough time to take her.

It’s the little things that are the big things. And seeing your kids grow and change and mature, it’s priceless 🙂 💕❤️

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