No ads!! Yay!

First about the picture. I found this flowered pioneer woman fridge liner at Walmart- it’s so cute and makes my fridge look 100% better! 🌺💕❤️🌿🧡

Secondly, I’ve had this blog on and been using it for free with the understanding that they put ads on here (for them to receive money, not me) but it was so ugly! I know a lot of bloggers put their own ads on and it can look fine and tasteful and blend in with the blogs’ aesthetic…but the ads they put on my blog we’re disgusting!! Always about belly fat and weird looking pictures. So I paid a fee to get rid of the ads and also have my own domain name…

I feel very fancy now 🙂 ha!! But more importantly the site feels like it’s mine without the gross ads 🙂

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  1. Dave says:

    Hi Hon ❤️

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