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I’m constantly struggling with technology and how I feel it’s taking over our lives. A few things have helped me out, so maybe they’ll help someone else out too.

1) having Dave type in a code and put time limits on my phone for certain apps. He only knows the code so I can’t change it myself. I have an hour long daily limit for Facebook/instagram/Bloglovin/twitter/and the internet. So after an hour of using anything on my phone they all go off. I love this…it’s been months since we implemented this and it’s a game changer for me.

2) taking all notifications off my phone except for it to ring if I get a call. Another game changer….before I had most notifications off, but still was notified if I got a text or Facebook message. Now I can check my texts at my convenience instead of the texts ruling my life and interrupting things. I love getting texts! But I realized I couldn’t concentrate on a task or focus on anything for too long without getting the ping and breaking my concentration.

I’m real thankful for new technology. Thankful I can text my Mom all the way in Canada and have unlimited calling. I’m thankful I can FaceTime my family. I’m thankful I can blog from my phone easily. But I’ve also had feelings of guilt from overuse and imbalance as well.

In other news! I found these links saved as a draft here from my other blog…not sure why they were saved but kinda random and interesting! Especially the one about my talented Dad! :))) ❤️💙💚🧡

Mediterranean stew

April fools day recipes

Artist interview of my dad

Have a happy Monday! Go hug a dog! 🙂

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  1. davemincy says:

    Happy to be the secret code guy! 😉
    But, joking aside, I’m glad for your sensitivity in this area…for you, and our family. Love ya!


    1. saramincy says:

      😘😘love u too 🙂


  2. Kristina Henson says:

    I read this post the day you posted it and just finally today- 4 days later, worked up the courage to let Joe put a secret passcode on my time waster apps. When I used to have a samsung phone, I was able to use the ClearLock App to lock myself out and loved it. A few years ago when we switched to Iphones, I searched and searched for a similar option, but there was none. My bad habits have begun giving me hives and I’ve felt much Holy Spirit conviction over this. I’m grateful for the push your post gave me. I’ve been studying what it means to be soberminded and watchful and have come to the conclusion that we live so drugged up by the things of this world so often, that we are not redeeming the time the way we havae been commanded to. appreciate your sharing about this here!

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    1. saramincy says:

      Kristi!! I love this!! We are in the same page and I had to laugh when you said the bad habits give you hives!! Yes!!! And then I see my kids following in my footsteps…and I agree 100% about living drugged – that’s how I feel too….tell joe keep up the good work as the passcode keeper 🙂 🙂


      1. saramincy says:

        We are ON the same page…:)


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