🦒cute animal books 🦊

To distract myself from the fact that we are dropping our child at college and saying goodbye soon…I’m blogging about cute animal books 🙂

This adorable book, Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise, is genius in its simple lines and colors. (Anyone who uses a thick black line in their art is a favorite for me)

We went to the library to find books for the upcoming art class (theme: animals!)

Giraffes!!! Sooo creative! You know what I’m going to say: GOD YOU ARE THE BEST ARTIST!! Who would have thought about creating a giraffe?!

This poor giraffe….

He’s a little self conscious, but eventually he finds an encouraging friend in a turtle 🙂

This girl sees cats everywhere!

Even in the hair 🙂

These animals are so cute by Rosalinde Bonnet

I appreciate children’s book illustrators so much.

I could spend all day in the children’s section of the library…our library gets so many new books. I love finding out about the new authors, but treasuring the old as well.

This is a fun book to just look and look at…so many little details to see

Great job, new authors and illustrators! You have inspired me.

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