the weekend we took our child to college

Last minute paperwork (Sadie’s crate ready for her to go to her dogsitters)

We stopped at Popeyes to see if the chicken sandwich was as good as they say it is and as good as chick fil a (not quite, but not bad!)

In the dorm room!

He has the top bunk! He got all moved in in about 20 min!! The girls dorms are another story… cute to see the difference, the girls with all the rugs and cute stuff….

Walking the tree lined campus – it was beautiful breezy weather

Registration (Josh, Wes’s best friend is his roommate)


Cookout and badminton at Granna and Poppop’s house. Yes! Wes is so blessed to have Granna and Poppop in town….just 5 min away from the campus

Also in town, Dave’s “best friend from college- Andrew”! In quotations because that’s how he’s always introduced 🙂 And Charlotte who is now my friend!

we went to the sweetest church and enjoyed a wonderful service on Sunday morning,…just so nice to travel to a different city and be able to be in a church service so similar to your own and worship the Lord

We saw our good friends and old neighbors from Guam! Their oldest will be in several of Wes’s classes.

So great to see sweet friends!!

Not pictured: we had a nice family lunch with Barb, Jon, Conley, Uncle Tom, and Jake! So good to catch up. Jake is here for school too, so good to be with him this weekend.

Also not pictured: the Huffmans were in town bringing Jessica and Christina to school so we had supper with them and enjoyed catching up

Finally time to say goodbye!! Final pictures, hugs, well wishes. We love you so much Wes! So excited for this new chapter in your life! You are ready for it. ❤️❤️❤️

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