Friday nite MSFH🥤🍦

Friday night we went as a family (only 4 of us…missed you, Wes!) to our favorite, the Morgan Street Food Hall.

Wil had never been there before, so he was happy to go and try it!

He got the shrimp and grits from the southern cooking place…they were amazing!! Wil loves shrimp and grits so he was very happy.

Skye and Wil were also happy with their smoothies with fruit poppers from Boba Brew

I had a burger from Cow Bar and then this amazing concoction from Raleigh Rolls…

I had been dreaming of RaleighRolls all day and all of my dreams came true with berry rolled ice cream and fruity pebbles 🙂

We had fun walking around downtown after we ate. It seems like everyone was out and about, there was a party vibe going on in Raleigh!

Wil’s city street look 🙂


Haha!! We had a good time. 😂

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  1. MOM says:

    Next time we go, I’m having shrimp and grits. Yeah Wil! Looks like fun. Did you ride a scooter? Poor Wes, not having any fun at all. Ha, ha!😆

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    1. saramincy says:

      You would love the shrimp and grits! I could tell (from my taste) that they used a lot of butter!! 😂…I actually think they got rid of the scooters and now it’s just bikes 🙂


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