🌿new, notable, cute, and quaint 🌿

My Mom’s cute potting shed and her adorable garden

Her sunflowers from last year 🌻

My Dad and his shirt 🙂

This recipe from Southern Living (made it for supper last night- it was delicious and everyone in the fam loved it) but my kitchen was a disaster after!!! 😂

I got an instant pot!!! But can’t quite figure out how to make hard boiled eggs. For the Cobb salad recipe, I cooked them and then cracked open half cooked eggs!!

These “burgers” we are going to make at our food themed art class this week!!

They are made with nilla wafers and peppermint patties

This dog!! My house is so quiet on Mondays when the kids are at school …I’m glad Sadie’s here to keep me company

This podcast episode about talking to strangers! I can relate…once you get past the fear, it’s fun and fulfilling to talk to strangers

These raccoons from art class….precious!

Hoping your day is filled with all the happiness that tiny burgers and raccoons bring 🙂 ❤️💕

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