The weather is gorgeous right now…this picture was taken on our walk at the park.

The former school room/now Wil’s room has gone from that to that to that to now it’s done! It looks great and ready for him to move in

I’ve never wanted a record player til I saw this at Walmart!!!

Trying to shop and pack for our anniversary trip!!! Eeeek!!!! Got the hat -we are going to be horse back riding, so that hat will be on my head! Going to return the blue flowered thing…but I really love the black dress and orange cardigan from target…which may not even work for the trip, I think it’ll still be hottish …but I had to snatch up the cardigan – I LOVE cardigans -I could live in a cardigan if I had to.

Volleyball!! Skye’s number 1!

Stalking Wil at work 🙂

Our church’s family fun fest is tomorrow!!! Yay!! Getting some photo backdrops ready for that.

Sadie just blending in….


It’s been SUCH A GREAT week as far as media for me. I listened to a lot more Christian music than I usually do –and it makes such a huge difference in my attitude, my feeling of peace, and just all around well- being.

Just glance at a few lines and you can see…so encouraging!!!

I hope your week has been encouraging 🙂

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