Asheville, NC- what we did

We visited the Biltmore!

It was nice to see, impressive, and educational! I’m not sure I could go back season after season like some people do, but I’m glad we had the experience.

We went horseback riding in the great Smokey mountains.

It was an hour long ride in the mountains to a waterfall- where we had a break, then back on the horses to go back

My horse was Rio and Dave’s was Pete.

It was gorgeous in the mountains. The weather was amazing…and it was a little scary riding beside cliffs and having the horses amble along the steep paths!

We did a lot of eating! That’s for another post, but we did enjoy that activity 🙂

Shopping!! So much fun shopping! These last four photos are from the Screen Door, an amazing antique mall

We saw the Downton Abbey movie at the old theater downtown

We got hooked on the Netflix show, The Crown, back at our little apartment.

We had only a few times apart, once I walked to town and shopped around a little bit, and Dave got in a few runs.

We loved each and every glimpse of the Blue Ridge Mountains 💙

We just really enjoyed being with each other and getting away. I adore this man and have for 20 plus years! Thankful for what God has allowed in our lives.

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