-Asheville NC- where we ate🥗🍔🍦

Ultimate icecream…all homemade ice ream with local dairy. Dave got the mint chocolate (of course!) I got the roasted orange and pink peppercorn ice cream…it was shocking when biting into a peppercorn! We enjoyed it.

Our hands down fave! The Rhu. We went twice. Dave got the biscuit with the jam and bacon ..the biscuits are aaamazing.

I got the charcuterie plate with amazing cheese and pickled tomatoes (loved those!) honey, bread, etc.

The second time I enjoyed the kale salad…mmmmm….I dream about this salad…so simple but basically just oil, vinegar, and fresh Parmesan, probably garlic…and the egg salad sandwich (Dave got the bacon biscuit again 🙂 )

Oh yum! I forgot about this but oh wow- we went to White Labs and I had the toasted sourdough with whipped ricotta, olive oil and fresh basil ….it was dreamy.

Biscuit head always has lines out the door…and so cute:

The bathroom was hilarious

We heard about Chestnut from friends we met at The Rhu (our fave) …we thought since they liked the Rhu we would be on the same page, but we weren’t wild about Chestnut

(Dave and his treat at ultimate ice cream)

Farmburger was just really good burgers and awesome fries

On the way to Asheville we ate at Mellow Mushroom and there was the most adorable balloon artist in there…she was such a master artist! I told her and she gave me this little bead dog that looks like a balloon dog! Haha!! So cute! Good job, balloon lady in Hickory, NC!

We had some good sorbet here at sunshine Sammies.

A few more pics of The Rhu …I sampled the everything spice popcorn – wow! Shockingly spicy but carmelly…..bathroom photo too 🙂

Not pictured, we ate at the Biltmore Stable Café, which was delicious (the brisket!) and cute as in it was the actual stable in times past.

Guess what?!? I gained zero pounds on vacay!! And after eating all that good stuff! My plan was to stick to intermittent fasting as much as possible, so I didn’t eat breakfast, just had water or black coffee…then enjoyed lunch and supper with Dave and didn’t eat after supper. Worked out really well.

We can’t wait to go back to Asheville!!! Such a great creative and tasty town 🙂

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  1. MOM says:

    I was going to ask how much you gained with all that eating. Good for you!❤️


    1. saramincy says:

      Yes!! It worked well, plus we walked a lot 😊


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