Falliday Supper

It all started with a few ideas. I heard an episode from The girls next door podcast. Kelsey invented the Falliday concept, meaning celebrate fall with a fun meal or however you want. (Whenever, to whatever extent: meaning there’s no pressure)

Then we found all sorts of goodies at Trader Joe’s

Came up with the menu

Lit the candles, set out pumpkins,

This was a last minute random idea/purchase (so funny how this happens…I go to Trader Joe’s prepared to buy certain things…expecting to go crazy over the pumpkin cinnamon rolls….)

Really thought these would be the hit

But as you can see by the ranking…that Apple cider jam was amazing…on crackers with cream cheese, it was the clear winner. The spiced cider is great, the granola and yogurt, delicious. The salad was good too (just romaine, cut up apple chunks, bacon, maple dressing; oil, vinegar, and maple syrup) and the cinnamon rolls were fine, but just fine, not spectacular 😉 the soup just wasn’t for us, we like a sweeter, smoother taste (like Panera’s Autumn squash soup)

All in all

Fun meal with the family, the pick up we needed on a Tuesday evening.

We are thankful (emphasis on full 🙂 )

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