🧵sewing project🧵

Get ready for some awkward photos of myself 😉

Skye and I were working on a sewing project. I have a list of skills she needs to work on and when the list is done she and I get a girls weekend out with treats and prizes 😉

She’s baked bread and muffins so far, created a self portrait, annnd that’s all, we are working on the sewing from a pattern, which she won’t get to check off because she started and didn’t finish, but I got the bug and sewed like a crazy lady until I could wear this little apron!!!!

It has a pocket!

And the best part….

It’s reversible!!!

Don’t look too close! There’s a few wonky and crooked seams – but it’s been probably about 25 years since I’ve sewn from a pattern, so I’m ridiculously happy with my apron 🙂

Here’s Skye’s skill/activity list. We will keep you updated as we work our way through.

(Green checkmark= done….red exclamations= working on)

Do you ever have a day where you feel like you are sleepwalking underwater with your eyes closed? I know I do….but today, for whatever reason I did all the things and had so much energy (until I crashed on the couch 20 minutes ago). I got up and painted for 2 hours, I have a few paintings I’m working on, then I was able to go outside ((gorgeous, perfect weather!!!)) and work in the yard, then Dave and I went out for lunch, came home and started the sewing extravaganza 🙂 it was a wonderful Saturday. ❤️

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  1. priscillafaith says:

    You two are doing some wonderful work! You motivate me to get lots done, as well. I’ve been making cards, bookmarks, crocheting hats, stars, hearts, afghans, and doing origami stars (to sell for Christmas tree ornaments). I’m getting ready for a Stampin Up sale, a camp fundraiser, and STEAM night at my old school. Never a dull moment!😊

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    1. saramincy says:

      Oh wow!! So fun…I would love to see your stuff, Aunt Cilla!! Wish we lived closer, you could teach us to crochet!! 💙❤️


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