🎃October Favorites🍂

All dressed chips! Used to only be found in Canada. Now the USA knows the secret of how good these are.

This adorable Halloween charcuterie board

How to make beaded Indian corn

“Fancy” shakes from Cook Out …I just found out you can combine flavors! So now I get m&m PLUS heath toffee and it’s the best!!!

Here is what we have been experiencing! 😉

My favorite candle is from Walmart and so it’s a deal! Mulled cider. My house smells so cozy with this candle burning merrily on the kitchen counter.

The Knox Rose brand from Target. I love the flowy, flowery tunics and dresses.

Preschool art – the kids are adorable and so creative

Art class in general makes me so happy.

Candy corn garland, Picasso inspired clay and painted pieces, and ombré pumpkin.

Skye’s October nails.

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