pumpkin and s’mores

Still having fun with the needle felting! It’s very relaxing and satisfying

Little cupcake

These s’more bars are addictive!! I make a similar dessert with saltines….have you tried that? You start with a cracker base- so in the s’more bar case, it’s graham crackers, you fill up a cookie sheet with a single layer of graham crackers (line cookie sheet first with parchment paper)

Then you melt 1 cup of butter plus one cup brown sugar, bring to boil, boil softly for 5 min. Stir.

Remove caramel mixture from heat and pour over crackers – spreading to cover all

Bake in a 350* oven for 5 min.

Then throw on a bunch of mini marshmallows and put under the broiler for a few minutes- watching so they don’t burn, just get a little toasty

Take out of oven and put on pieces of a Hershey bar

Chill until chocolate hardens.


The other way to make these is to use saltines instead (I love the addition of salt!) and then don’t add the marshmallows, sprinkle on chocolate chips, don’t return to oven. Chocolate chips will melt and you can spread with a knife. I’ve also used pretzels as a base. There are so many possibilities! Throw on some m&ms! Mmm we have made too many variations of these lately 😉

It’s really time to do a health food post – HAHA!!!

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