🌿🥗smoothie plus salad🥑🥭

We’ve been making and eating too many treats lately, so I’ve turned over a new (lettuce) leaf 🙂 Just since yesterday (!!) I’ve decided to eat a smoothie and a salad per day if possible.

Even though we have been eating lots of treats, I have felt fairly healthy since I’m still intermittent fasting. I am averaging 4-5 hours a day that I eat, and just feel really energetic, not guilty in eating, and like my body is thankful to have those extra 19-20 hours to process and digest food, then have a rest.

However, I do feel with intermittent fasting I still need to be diligent in getting in enough fruits and veggies.

So I’m excited to see what fun smoothies and salads we can make

This was my salad today; kale, cucumber, tomato, celery, croutons, almonds, and olives. With honey French and blue cheese dressings (the dessert comes in the form of multiple dressings 😉 )

Today’s smoothie: spinach, frozen peaches, banana, peanut butter, oats, coconut water

I’ll keep you updated…we’ll see how many days (or hours) this new overturned leaf lasts 🙂

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