today. (and yesterday)

Today was a perfect 68*

I went over to three little birds to mark some of my paintings on sale.

I went to the bike shop to fix our bikes

Skye went to lunch with Dave

We biked in the neighborhood

I ate a smoothie and a salad!

It was a great day

We won’t dwell on Sadie’s catastrophes from both ends and her TWO baths! 😦

Yesterday was also a wonderful day. We went to the Cameron village library.

Skye did some of her schoolwork there

I found a stack of books

The Cameron village library is amazing! So many new books

I had some time in the evening to work on my needle felting which I

L O V E !

Thinking of framing and selling them and reopening my Etsy shop

Thankful for the gorgeous fall weather. Thankful for books, salads, smoothies, bikes, and needle felting 🙂

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