Our art class was inspiration themed, so we talked about how having art work around your house with scripture verses or quotes can encourage and uplift your spirit

I gave suggestions and had samples, but the kids took it to the next level with colors and ideas for this watercolor piece

It was neat to see them coming up with their own ideas

I love it!!! God’s love was shining through it all! Kids are the best when it comes to art- they barely even thought about what they were going to do, just dove right in and started creating.

We also painted a quote onto canvas,

Made a thankful tree,

And little washi tape cards.

All in all a very inspiring day – I think I come away more blessed than my students 🙂 ❤️♥️🧡

And a few more photos of the preschool class:

If I ever get discouraged, I’m going to look at these pictures and they’ll make me smile for sure!!! ❤️💕♥️💗